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(a) Shall hold at least a “Foundation Coaching Certificate”, or shall undertake the attainment of a “Foundation Coaching Certificate” within 12 months of their first appointment.

(b) Take up their duties upon their appointment to the relevant coaching position.

(c) Attend all training sessions and at any event in which the team is participating.

(d) In the event of their inability to attend training sessions or any event, co-opt a person of suitable standard and advise the Coaching Co-ordinator accordingly.

(e) Organize such training programs as they deem necessary.

(f) Be permitted to organize additional training sessions after notification to the Executive.

(g) Provide a detailed written confidential report to the Coaching Co-ordinator within twenty-eight (28) days of the completion of the Competition.

(h) Be responsible for returning to the Equipment Officer in good order and condition, all Club property in the possession of players in the team and Team Officials within fourteen (14) days of the last game played by the Team that year.

Note: Where a Team Manager has not been appointed to a team the Duties and Responsibilities shall be undertaken by the Coach in addition to those detailed above.


(a) Take up their duties upon their appointment.

(b) Attend all training sessions.

(c) Be in charge of all players in the team and Team Officials.

(d) Be responsible for the general conduct and appearance of the Team.

(e) Report to the Coach immediately they are informed of any condition which will affect a player’s performance.

Note: A team Manager in this document refers to a Manager that has been appointed by the Management Committee. It does not cover a Manager appointed by a coach to assist them.


More information coming soon

Coaches who are interested in attending one of the above courses should contact the Club at daptonetball@outlook.com to apply for a subsidy.


Teams may borrow players from the same club, who are registered in a lower division or age group. Coaches must seek the approval of the Coaching Co-ordinator and the player’s coach prior to the game.

Minimum ages and grades for a borrowing players applies. These change depending on the competition. These provisions are available in the below link.

A team may borrow a maximum of two (2) players per game. Any team borrowing more than two (2) players shall be fined and lose any competition points gained from that game.

All borrowed players relevant information must be places on the score sheet.

A player can be borrowed up to 3 times with it having any impact on the team they are registered in. Once a player has been borrowed a fourth time they will be required to transfer to one of the teams they have been borrowed in.

Any player selected in a Junior State Titles team is not to be borrowed by a club team until after the Junior State Titles.

Only players from teams that have not, or will not compete in the semi-finals may be borrowed or the finals Series, except by exceptional circumstances.

A player being borrowed in the Final Series may only take the court if the borrowing team is unable to have seven (7) of its registered players on the court. (Infringement is classed as forfeit – fine)

If you have any questions please contact the Coaching Co-ordinator.


A game cannot be started until both teams have at least five (5) players on the court. If a team is unable to field a team of five (5) players, the team will be considered to have forfeited the game.


The Club will notify Illawarra Netball and this will be considered a NOTIFIED forfeit. If a team fails to notify the Club, this will be considered an UN-NOTIFIED forfeit.

A fine of $30 for juniors, intermediates and cadets and $60 for seniors will be imposed for teams who have an un-notified forfeit. These fines need to be paid to the club within 14 days of fines being issued to the team from the Club. The club WILL NOT pay any forfeit fees, this is the responsibility of the team.

Any team giving more than three (3) forfeits (Notified or Un-notified) in a Competition shall be withdrawn from the Competition and the team will be invoiced accordingly.

Once a game has commenced, should a team be unable to complete a game due to insufficient players on court, that team shall be deemed to have lost the game.


Cadet and senior teams may be required to do canteen duty throughout the season.

Teams allocated with canteen duty must supply at least two (2) representatives in the canteen at all times during the time slot. All representatives must be at least fifteen (15) years of age. Players should be dressed in their club uniform and arrive at least ten (10) minutes before their scheduled time slot. Players will need to sign the duty book prior to starting their duty.

Failure to sign the duty book will incur a $60 fine, as well as the loss of one (1) competition point per player not in attendance.

Throughout the year the Dapto Netball Club will be allocated a ‘club day.’ The Club will be required to supply members to work in the canteen on the designated club day. The Club will allocate time slots to individual teams.  More information on dates and time slots will provided prior to the season.

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